Are you doing all the right things and can’t seem to lose?

Are you doing all the right things and you still can’t seem to lose weight? Below could be a few reasons why…

Diet– Your eating habits play a huge role when it comes to weight loss. You could be overeating or maybe you aren’t eating enough.  When not eating enough, your body then has to work ten times harder to hold on to all the stored nutrients you already have inside of you because it’s not sure when it will get another meal. Undereating can cause you to go on a binge. While you think you aren’t doing your body any harm in actuality you are. For example, you go all day eating small meals and you’re not getting enough nutrients; when you get home and you’re starving you go on a binge and eat everything in sight. Heres my tip, do some research to see how much you are supposed to be eating based on your body, because skipping meals or eating tiny meals won’t help you, it will just slow down your process.

Health– A lot of people don’t go to the doctor for regular checkups to get to the root of our problems. Many don’t know the side affects to Hight Blood Pressure, PCOS, or being pre-diabetic, when this could the MAIN reason you cant or aren’t losing weight. It’s okay to admit that you need help along the way, but its also even more frustrating to be putting in all the work, to then find out you are a pre-diabetic. Although it’s only a warning you now have the option to change it or let it change you! Let me tell you it’s a struggle trying to control eating habits when your body thinks it needs certain unhealthy food to continue to function and you’re now fighting with your body and your mind to get it on one accord. I encourage you to go get your annual check ups and talk to your doctor to see if there is anything they can help you with during the process. You cant do it alone and that’s okay!

Birth Control– Did you know some birth controls can cause weight gain. Research shows that you can gain 10-20 lbs within the first six months of being on birth control due to the hormones. It doesn’t happen overnight it just slowly creeps up on you and you don’t think to check to see if that could be one of the reasons.

All the resources we need to help us are there, we just need to utilize them more often. Don’t think that I don’t struggle because Lord knows I do on a daily basis but I try my hardest to stay consistent. I workout 4-5 times a week and I complain EVERY SINGLE TIME! It doesn’t come off overnight but never give up because slow and steady wins the race.

Until next time stay Golden!



Have you ever wanted something so bad but it’s just not happening quick enough? That’s me with my fitness journey. I love encouraging you all but sometimes I have weak moments where I want to give up. There are times I have cried because I hadn’t seen results from my hard work. But lets be clear, I don’t envy anyone else’s progress because I know our journeys are totally different, but it’s so frustrating putting in all this hard work and you feel like nothing is happening. I have plenty of people telling me I look great or they can see the progress, but what’s progress if you I can’t see it within myself?!

I have been working out everyday this month and honestly, I am tired of seeing the gym. I’d be lying if I said I wanted to go to the gym every single day of the week. Im honestly not one of those people who get pumped about going to the gym and crushing gym goals lol let’s be honest. I’d rather be at happy hour drinking a mimosa, but I’m not; I’m dedicated to this journey, this love hate relationship.

I ask myself all the time why is this time harder than it was the last time, but then I’ve realized I’ve come too far to stop now.
I’m basically writing this to let people know you will get stuck and very frustrated at times, but that doesn’t mean you give up. Regroup, see why it’s not working, but get back to it! Take a day off from the gym if you have to, but, GET BACK TO IT! I sometimes make my journey a lot harder than it already is, but I will not fail myself; not this time!

Until next time stay Golden

March Madness

Chapter 3 of 12

I announced on my Instagram Story that I am workout the entire month of March. Now, I have tried this before and let’s just say I failed miserably. I set myself up for failure because I knew I was not going to complete that challenge. During that time, I lost all motivation to get up and go the gym; but now I am ready and my mind is in the right place!









This year hasn’t been horrible when it comes to fitness, it’s actually been really good! I mean I could eat a lot healthier, but for what it’s worth I’ve been in the gym consistently and it’s starting to show. So now that I’m in the right mind frame I might as well kick it up a notch. Small rewards like my clothes fitting differently is such a great feeling!

I’ve learned that being consistent will get me better results. As you all know I take pictures and post them on my Instagram after most of my workouts, but I was scrolling through my history and came across the first picture which was taken February 8th and the second picture was taken February 27th. I was shook because that just goes to show me the scale doesn’t matter. I joke around with my friends a lot because they always tell me to focus more so on inches instead of the scale but let’s be honest I’m obsessed with the scale. I step on it at least 6 days out of the week. Sometimes it moves and other day it doesn’t. All it’s doing is driving crazy. But let’s just say, Briana, my bestie, was right; the scale doesn’t matter and today I took the batteries out of it for the rest of the month. I went as far as throwing it in the trash. It’s a little drastic but drastic times call for drastic measures. I’m trying to get to a point where I am comfortable with just losing inches and not letting the number on the scale define my journey. Most people won’t understand or they’ll say I am being dramatic, but if you are not use to being a certain size and you’re really uncomfortable, then you’d get it. I measured myself the last day of the month in February and ill strictly go off of those numbers at the end of the month. If you having the same problem as I am, don’t let the numbers discourage you. Work hard and find something else to focus on, that are nor scale victories, and when you do finally decide to check your weight you’re not totally discouraged because you’ll see progress elsewhere. If you need help or encouragement hit me up on social media. Let’s make 2018 the year we go hard and make big changes.

Until next time stay Golden!

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Last year, I let fear control a lot of the things I had on my heart.

Last year, I let fear control a lot of the things I had on my heart. I made myself a promise that nothing would hold me back, not even myself. I feared going public with workout journey because I thought people would judge me or would have so much to say. After that, there was me having my own Youtube channel, which I never fully went through with because I didn’t think people would want to hear my story. Since this has be on my heart for some time now, I am going through with it!! I remember telling my friends all that I wanted to do, but I would always back out of it. To be honest, I don’t know where this fear came from, because I’ve never been the one to care what anyone thought of me. People will always find something wrong with everything you do and I cant let that control my actions. I won’t get anywhere in life if I always let the naysayers get to me.

Do you know how much I could have accomplished by now if i had this same attitude then, as I do now?! Man, thats highly disappointing, but I also take it as a lesson learned. Now that i have a different mind set, I can care less about who wants to see me fail because all of this is for me. I just want to inspire  people in any aspect of life; rather its fitness, fashion, blogging, etc. I AM ROOTING FOR YOU! I am that one person who wants to see you win! My advice to you is to go after whatever it is that your heart desires! Big or small, never let the opinion of others stop you from achieving  your goals. Someone out there is depending on you and you don’t even know it. KEEP GOING.


Until next time stay GOLDEN

Time to Switch Things up

I have been working out off and on now for about a two years. I see the results but then I get bored and I come to a complete stop because I get tired of the same ole gym routine and I end up losing all my motivation to go. There was a time where I didn’t have to push myself to go workout, but my routine became boring so I lost interest, but now I want to switch things up so I don’t get bored.

I did a little research and there are so many other way to lose weight besides just going to the gym. I go to boot camp three days a week and I’ll be kicking it up a notch to help me reach my goal.

Here are a few things you can try on your fitness journey:

  • Dance 101 (hip-hop)
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Hiking
  • Cycle Bar
  • Pole Dancing
  • Zumba
  • Park Workouts
  • Pilates
  • Crossfit

I’m tired of starting over because I know what I am capable of; I’ve done it before. I have goals to reach and I cant keep letting myself down. Everything I listed above is cost efficient and are all on Groupon no matter what city or state you’re in. Some things may not work for you and thats okay; this is my journey and I have to do whats best for me and my body.

I no longer care what people think of me! I’m busting my ass to make a change in my life.

I am excited to announce NaturallyGOLDEN is finally making a Youtube Channel. So click the link and subscribe to my channel. My first video will be live February 3rd. I am claiming this to be my year to flourish. This may be hard, but I have to change my mindset and believe in myself because that’s the only way I will succeed.

“You will never have this day again, make this one count”.

Until next time stay GOLDEN

Happy New Year


Cheers to new beginnings and to a better life!

2017 was a great year. It set the tone for what I am expecting to come this year. Although I did not accomplish every goal I had set for my self, I did enjoy every day as if it was my last!! I am excited for everything that is to come during the New Year. Listen, my advice to you is to go live sis!! Apply to that job, start that business plan, move out of state, start your fitness journey! I’ve learned not to broadcast everything I am working towards and to keep some things to your self and accomplish them in silence let your work speak for itself. So, with that being said I’m only going to share two of my goals/resolutions for this upcoming year…

  1. Enjoy life. I just want to become more carefree and not overthink and get so overwhelmed when things aren’t going as planned. I tend to stress out about EVERYTHING! I’m challenging myself to not let people take me out of my zone and interrupt my peace. I don’t have room for negativity and I’m letting anyone know who tries to breaks that know I’m not with it you can keep it over that way!
  2. Get fit. Yea yea yea, I know you’ve heard this before and guess what you will hear it again until I get it right; so follow my journey through my hashtag #YEEGETSFIT18.

Go buy a journal and put it to use! Write the vision and make it plain! Write out your vision for the new year and tell God everything you want and need to make this year successful and enjoyable!

I pray your year is full of BLESSINGS and LAUGHTER!!

So long 2017 you were good time me.

Until next time stay GOLDEN!

The Start of Something New

Let me introduce myself for those who do not know me. My name is Tanya and I’m the creative writer behind NaturallyGolden blog. I decided to do a relaunch of my blog because my creative juices have not been flowing lately. So the light bulb went off in my head and I had a thought that I should give this blogging the one last try.

After a lot of brainstorming and late night conversations with my person I’ve decided my blogs main focus will be on health, fitness, inspiration, and self esteem, oh and a few other things I have up my sleeve for the up coming year.

I’m so excited for the things I have planned for myself and my blog this year. I can hardly keep it to myself. 2017 was a great year a few bumps in the road but nothing that stopped me from enjoying my life in the new city I call home. Oh yeah, did I mention today marks one year that I’ve been living in Atlanta. That’s so crazy I did something I thought I would have never done. Now that we’ve gotten this out the way. I can not wait to bring you guys more content.

Merry Christmas everyone…Until next time stay GOLDEN!